Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Michael Ellison's Rocky Mountain Ram

High Desert Outfitters was fortunate to be able to hunt with Mr. Michael Ellison on his rocky mountain sheep hunt. Greg ad I started our scouting in early spring and kept a regular routine of re-checking rams and looking for new ones throughout the spring and summer. We started hunting on the 10th of November and finally decided to take this ram on the 20 of December. We had looked at close to 175-200 rams in our scouting and hunting. We had so much fun on this hunt. Thanks to Michael Ellison again for letting us be a part of this great hunt. Greg and I would like to thank Chuck Hill, Richard Fite, Dan Koons, Buck Leavitt and Tony Stanley, Sam Dieringer for their help. Ill post up more pictures and video of this hunt. So keep checking back...

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