Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ron Stanley's 46B Desert Ram

Well we're back up running. Besides my computer breaking, Greg and I have done 3 sheep hunts and 2 trips to Mexico. So we've had a busy fall to say the least. Now I've got a ton of blogging to get done. So stay tuned..

First up we have Ron Stanley's awesome desert ram from 46B. This past year I was talking with Ron's son Tony and we were deciding where he should put in for sheep. I told him he might as well put 46B down for his 1st choice. Come to find out he and his dad used the same card to apply on. So when draw results came out it was a guess as to who drew the tag. They had to wait until you could check online. When the dust settle Ron had drawn 3 great tags this year. Ron made good on his once in a lifetime desert tag and took a great ram. The ram 
scored 170''. Thanks to Tony for these great pictures, Maybe next year it will be your turn Tony.

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