Saturday, July 21, 2012

Richard Clonts / 12AW

A couple of years ago Greg and I were able to help our friend Marvin James of James Guide Service on some late 12 AW mule deer hunts.I was guiding Richard Clonts from Texas.He had booked a 7 day hunt and for the first few day Richard and I looked over alot bucks. In this process I had found a little area that always held does so Richard and I would go to the doe hole every morning and evening and see what would show up. Richard paased on some great bucks and at the end of the seven days we hadnt connected on a buck. I had to leave for a sheep hunt and Richard decided to stay and give it one last try. He and another guide went to the doe hole and found this great buck rutting the does. He made a couple of great shots and was able to take this 200 inch mule deer back to Texas.

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