Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cole Sherwood's Javelina

All of my boys and I drew Javelina tags for one of our favorite units. Since the boys last hunt Cole has been asking if he could shoot first since he didnt get to shoot a deer. So on opening day we all went to a spot that has produced pigs before. My second son Zane decided he would ditch us for a scout campout and Sydney gladly took his place. Along with Tony Stanley to glass we set up and glassed all day and moved to new spots and tried to turn up some pigs. It wasnt unil right before dark Tony found a pig. We decided to leave him and come back in the morning. After only glassing for 10 minutes I found a herd of 4 pigs. With all the kids following we made our way down to 270 yds and set up. Cole made a great shot on his first big game animal. Thanks to Greg Koons for coming around on the ranger to pick us up. It made to pack out super easy. Thanks again Tony for the help.

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