Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jason's Dall Sheep Hunt Days 5-6-7

 For the next couple of days it rained and snowed and had us fogged in. The visibillity was so bad we couldn't glass for sheep very well.

We hiked up to the dead ram and brought the head back. I now had a dall sheep pick up head. This was our camp for the ten day hunt.

I took this picture of a small wolf that was near the dead ram.

We glassed up seven grizzly bears. It was really neat to watch these bears. But my guide Bill told me to always have shell in the gun when we had bears in our site.

We continued to hunt for sheep and caribou even though the weather was bad. This was our clothes dryer

My plan was to take my ram first then hunt for a caribou. But when the weather turned bad it pushed the caribou down from the mountains.

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