Monday, October 17, 2011

Sherwood Boys Jr. Deer Hunt

I had the opportunity to take my three boys hunting this past weekend. For two of them it was their first hunt. We set a wall tent and some other things for a comfortable camp. We had some great weather and some great food thanks to my mom and my wife for hooking us up. On this hunt we could hunt coues or mule deer. For the first day we hunted for coues deer but didn't have much luck.On the second day we had some info on a big buck from one of my friends Eric Frost who was up quail hunting. My two youngest and I found the big buck but we could never close the gap to get them a shot.

 My good friend Bobby Ginos came up On Friday night and hunted with us Saturday and Sunday. Bobby had found a couple bucks on Saturday night so we went back in to try and find them. We couldn't find his two bucks but we found a couple of others that would do just fine for this jr. hunt. All three of my boys made the stalk over to try and relocate the buck. It is a challenge when you have small kids and cactus and all the other things that get thrown in to the hunt. We got to within 150 yds of the velvet buck and Zane set up and took the shot. unfortunately he missed. The buck took off running and I told Brock to get ready as soon as  the buck stopped to take him. Brock made a great shot on the buck at 270 yds under pressure. I had a blast hunting with my boys. I hope to do it many more time as they grow up.

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