Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jason's Dall Sheep Hunt Day 1

On the first legal day hunting my guide and I were able to glass up these three rams and make a stalk on them. As we made our way up the mountain we knew these rams were going to be close. We had just topped out and there they were just 40yds away.

The rams spooked and ran out to 250yds. This gave us some time to look them over and decide if any of them were legal. I snapped these photo's through my spotting scope. My guide Bill said the middle ram was legal if I wanted to take him. The ram had four inches broken on his right side and I wasn't sure I wanted to end my hunt that soon.

Back at camp as we were getting ready to eat I was glassing as Bill was cooking dinner. I glassed up the mountain just behind our camp and glassed up this dead ram that had died the day before. Bill wasn't real sure what may have killed the ram. Maybe a wolf or he might have fallen off a cliff ledge. You could see a wolverine eating on the ram. We decide to hike up there and check the ram out the next day.

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