Friday, May 13, 2011

Buck Leavitt's 174" 46B ram

Buck Leavitt hired HDO to guide him on his once in a lifetime desert sheep hunt. Buck and I had the privilege to hunt together the year before on his father's sheep hunt. We joked around about wait till next year when you draw the tag. I couldn't hardly believe it when Buck called and said were going sheep huntin. A few weeks before the season we rode mules in and dropped our spike camp off and did some scouting. We were back a few days before the season to get prepared to be dropped off in spike camp. We rode in the day before and scouted. We only found a ewe and lamb before dark. The first day of the hunt we hiked far and glassed hard trying to find a old ram worthy of this tag. As day one ended and we headed back to camp we had only seen one ram and the ewe and lamb again. On day two we hiked even further and glassed just as hard. The last couple of hours before dark we were looking at 9 different rams.I had just swung my glasses from one ram to another when I caught movement on the hill in front of us. There were two more rams and I told Buck we had better shoot the second ram. A couple of quick shot's and the ram was down.

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